District Office

The District Administration offices for Cedar Park Christian Schools are located on the Bothell campus.

The district of Cedar Park Christian Schools includes six campuses that reach over 2,000 students on a daily basis. Located in King and Snohomish counties in Western Washington, this district is the largest Evangelical private school district in the nation. District administration is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the district as well as developing and implementing programs that help our students reach their fullest potential.

District administrators believe that God has placed a mighty responsibility on their shoulders and they pray daily that He will provide the wisdom and courage to follow His commission.

Dr. Clinton Behrends
Dr. Clinton Behrends
District Superintendent
Email: clint.b@cedarpark.org
Phone: (425) 488-9778
Mrs. Marian Samac
Assistant to the Superintendent
Email: marian.s@cedarpark.org
Phone: (425) 488-9778
Mr. Mike Riley
Director of Operations
Email: mike.r@cedarpark.org
Phone: (425) 774-7773


Here is a recent picture of our staff members in 2017 from all 5 campuses: