Lynnwood Campus

The Lynnwood Campus is focused on providing a Christ-centered education that prepares students to authentically live for God while serving Him and others. It is a close-knit, family-oriented school which serves pre-kindergarten through sixth grade families. Their desire is to equip students for a life that pleases Jesus.  They provide many activities on campus for students to develop and strengthen their God-given talents and encourage their discovery of leadership and ministry skills, as well as opportunities to serve God and others.

Students may become involved in Student Council, Worship Team, News Broadcasts, Book Club, Safety Patrol, Chess Club, Sport activities, Band, Choir, Bible studies and a host of other activities.  Students are also enrolled in specialty classes throughout the week such as Music, Library, Physical Education, Technology Lab and Balametrics.

Christ is the center of our teaching as we strive to prepare our students to live a victorious Christian life.