Mountlake Terrace Campus

The Mountlake Terrace Campus is a 2 acre facility for our 7th-12th grade students. With
nearly 140 students enrolled on campus, we provide a distinctly Christian education at a
very affordable price. As with all Cedar Park Christian Schools, the Mountlake Terrace
Campus goes above and beyond to honor Jesus Christ, and places the utmost importance
in the saving grace provided only in recognition of Him as Lord and Savior. We desire
not only to give our students a world class education, but to also challenge them in their
faith and desire to live a life dedicated to Christ.

The Mountlake Terrace Campus is located two blocks off the main street, and with in ear
shot of the newest building to kick off the city’s Town Center. The Mountlake Terrace
Campus occupies plots on both sides of 54th Ave W. The Administration building and
Gym sit east of the street, while a 10 classroom building with a cafeteria, our library as
well as 3 other classrooms sit on the west side of the street. A central courtyard with
umbrella clad outdoor furniture, invites students to fellowship and eat lunch together.

The Mountlake Terrace campus has been educating students from a Christian worldview
since 1956. Mountlake Christian, Snohomish County Christian and North Sound
Christian have all called the Mountlake Terrace Campus their home. After the merge in
2008 with Cedar Park Christian Schools, the North Sound name gave way to Cedar Park
Christian – Mountlake Terrace and has been continuing the long tradition of a distinctly
Christian education ever since.

The Lions Cage, Lions Den and Cub Café are all unique to the Mountlake Terrace
campus, Home of the Lions. The Lions Cage is where you will find the goodies on a
Friday night during a packed out home basketball game. The Lions Den is a state of the
art facility used for our weekly chapels and concerts. The Cub Café serves the JH and
HS students prior to school, during lunch and after school. The Cub Café is run by our
business class and raises funds to support school wide functions and ministries.

Cedar Park Christians Mountlake Terrace Campus continually tests in the 90% in both
Math and Language. Our students SAT scores place them well above the national
average and with an average of greater than 1700 on their combined scores, colleges
have sought out many of our graduating seniors. On average we have had 1/4th of our
graduating seniors represent our school as Washington Scholars. Based on our PSAT
scores, we have had a Commended Scholars, National Merit Semi-Finalists or National
Merit Finalists each year since Cedar Park Christian has been at the Mountlake Terrace
Campus. With 70% of our full-time faculty holding Master degrees, students are taught
by some of the best and brightest in the industry. Even more so, these amazing teachers
are also committed Christians that view their teaching as a ministry and feel called to
minister here at the Mountlake Terrace Campus.