Oceanographic Field Trip

The Bellevue 4th and 5th graders participated in an oceanographic field trip into the underwater world of Puget Sound!  Their classroom for the day was the 85-foot Argosy vessel the Goodtime 1.  On board, the children looked through high-powered microscopes at plankton, handled live sea creatures, and learned about the danger that pesticides and garden chemicals pose to Puget Sound.  The children enjoyed the wonderful boat trip, which was both educational and offered a first-hand view of Seattle.

Oral History Museum

On Friday, May 16, the Bellevue 4th and 5th graders put on an Oral History Museum for their parents and other classes in the school.  Students came dressed as a famous historical figure and gave a memorized speech about their character when visitors pushed their “on button.”  Famous historical personalities such as Abraham Lincoln, Queen Elizabeth, Merriweather Lewis, Princess Diana, Jimmy Stewart, Pocahontas, Sacajawea, Charles Lindberg, Annie Oakley, Emelia Earhart, Sargent York, Amy Carmichael, and Elvis Presley came to life in the museum recounting the history of their lives.  Comments about the museum were, “I really learned a lot!” and “I didn’t know Elvis Presley couldn’t read music!”  Everyone enjoyed the museum very much.

Noah Kimura Wins 1st Place!

Noah Octi

Congratulations to Noah Kimura, 3rd grade, for taking 1st place in the Seattle Aquarium “Your Ocean – Our Home” art contest.  The contest was open to all 1st – 5th grade students.  Winners were determined on the basis of their creative application of the theme, the Giant Pacific Octopus,  and their skill in drawing and color […]

Worship Teams

chapel worship

Every Monday at the Bellevue Campus, students attend chapel. Each week a group of six students, grades 3rd-5th, lead our school in worship. A total of 24 students have volunteered to be a part of a worship team this year. Students on worship teams give up one recess a week to practice songs and learn […]

Young Authors & Illustrators Event


On Friday, April 21, the 4th and 5th graders along with several 3rd graders attended the Young Author’s Event at the Lynnwood Campus of Cedar Park.  At the Young Author’s Event, students were able to meet two authors in person and one illustrator.  Chris Miller, who authored the Hunter Brown Series, was on hand to […]