STEM Program Coming Soon!

We are happy to announce that beginning this fall, Cedar Park Christian School’s Bellevue campus will begin offering STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) curriculum to all elementary students.

Students will participate in hands-on, age appropriate STEM activities each Friday afternoon throughout the school year. Students will join together with students from other classes, working in collaborative learning groups to accomplish various tasks that will encourage innovation, invention and creativity.  For example, while learning about load, stress and aesthetics, older students may be challenged with building a bridge that will span 12” and hold 20 pounds.  Younger students may be challenged with creating a parachute for a gummy bear, something that will descent slowly and provide a soft landing. Upon completion of activities, students will learn to evaluate their own results and those of other students, and present their findings to the class.

Our nation has seen increased growth in STEM-related jobs over the last 10 years with Washington State ranking #1 in the concentration of STEM jobs. It is our hope and prayer that a solid STEM education will help our students succeed as they grow older and prepare for careers in a STEM-driven economy. Teachers are happy to have this opportunity to help make science, technology, engineering and math exciting and interesting for their students.

Study Buddy Program

 Study Buddies is one of our students favorite special events at the Bellevue Campus.  Once every two weeks the fifth and sixth graders join the pre-kindergarten/kindergarten class for fun activities together.  Sometimes they play games together, make art projects, learn new concepts, and share books.  The heart of the program is for the fifth and sixth graders to learn to mentor the younger students.  The children look forward to these get-togethers and in between times give high fives to each other on the playground.  The program definitely fosters a sense of love and unity at the Bellevue Campus. 


Dedication Chapel


Students started the new school year by sending “up” their prayers of dedication during chapel on September 14. As they gathered for chapel they were introduced to the theme for the year, I Cor. 10:31, “Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” May God bless all our students and their families […]

A Firm Foundation – Science Experiment

Science Boys

Bellevue Cedar Park fifth and sixth graders sharpened their engineering skills this week in science class when they were challenged to make a structure out of fettuccini and marshmallows that would withstand an earthquake. After each group finished their creations, Mrs. Strickland became “Earthquake Strickland” and shook their buildings while a student timed the shaking. […]

Why I Love Teaching at Cedar Park Christian…

Keeks 3

Each day I teach at Cedar Park Christian Bellevue brings me tremendous joy. I love having the chance to teach elementary students because they are so eager to learn. I am blessed to have the opportunity each day to minister into their lives and to get the chance to witness incredible growth in each student, […]