Susan Zirschky

School: Elementary School
Grade/Subject: Kindergarten
Building: / Room:
On-Campus Phone: 425-746-3258 ext

It is an honor to teach here at Cedar Park Christian School. I chose Cedar Park for the educatioon of my son. My husband and I believe it was one of the most important investments that we have ever made. My love and passion is Christian education and although my son has long since graduated, I am still here teaching and enjoying God’s little ones!

I knew I wanted to be a teacher at the age of five. I come from a heritage of teachers with my great grandmother teaching English to the immigrants as they arrived on Ellis Island.

I was born and raised in the state of Michigan. I graduated from Central Michingan University with a BS in Education and  years later a Masters in Reading and Literacy. I enjoy working with the early childhood students and am blessed daily by their sweet smiles, eagerness to learn and precious faith in our heavenly Father.

As a Christian Teacher this is my prayer:

Dear Lord,
I do not ask that Thou shouldst give me some high work of Thine,
Some noble calling, or some wondrous task;
Give me a little hand to hold in mine;
Give me a little child to point the way over the strange, sweet path that leads to Thee;
Give me two shining eyes Thy face to see.
The only crown I ask, dear Lord, to wear is this: That I may lead a little child.
I do not ask that I may ever stand among the wise, the worthy, or the great;
I only ask that softly, hand in hand,
A child and I may enter at the gate.

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