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FAFSA- How to fill out the FAFSA


Scholarship Opportunities for College:
Free On-Line Scholarship Searches:
CollegeNet – Free scholarship matching service with over $1 million in scholarships. Visit for more information.
American Legion “Need a Lift” – This is an electronic guide to financial aid for students who are
veterans, veteran’s dependent or members of the American Legion family. For more information
 University of Dayton Servant Leadership Scholarship – For seniors planning to attend University of Dayton.  The Servant Leadership Scholoarship is a renewable four-year $10,000 for the winner of the scholarship.  Runner-up receives a one-year $6000 scholarship, and third place receives a one-year $4000 scholarship.  Create a video on what servant-leadership means to you.  For more information, visit: video submission deadline is TBD.
Playing With Purpose Award – For sophomores, juniors or seniors with a “C” grade average or higher, currently a varsity level athlete and a committed Christian. For the application and more information visit The deadline is TBD.
 St. Louis University Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship – For seniors planning to attend SLU. Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship is a renewable four-year academic award valued at $3,000 per year that combines with other merit-based scholarships. The criteria are: Above average ACT or SAT score and GPA of 3.25 or higher, weighted or unweighted. To apply visit The deadline is TBD.
 Optimist International Essay Contest – For high school students grades 9-12, under the age of 19. The winner has a chance to earn a $2,500 scholarship. The essay topic is “How Can I Help My Friends Realize Their Value?” If you are interested in the contest see Miss Gerber. The deadline is TBD. 
AXA Achievement Scholarship and Community Scholarship – Two scholarships are
available for seniors. The Community Scholarship Program is looking for students who are
active in their community and have led a project that benefits others. The Achievement
Scholarship Program is looking for students who have overcome personal challenges and
achieved in school. The Achievement scholarships are $10,000 and $25,000 awards, the
Community scholarships are $2,000 awards. Only take the first 10,000 applications. To
apply or for more information visit The deadline the deadline
for the Community Scholarship is TBD.
Davidson Fellowship Scholarship – Must be 18 or younger, a US. Citizen, completed a
significant piece of work in one of the submission categories, and be able to demonstrate the
work is your won. $50,000. For more information visit
 U of I, YMCA Fred S. Bailey Scholarship – For seniors attending the U of I Urbana. Students must demonstrate commitment to community engagement, service, leadership and academics. The scholarship amount is $3,000 each academic year. To apply visit The deadline is TBD.
 U of I, Beta Sigma Psi Lutheran Alumni Scholarship – For male seniors who are attending University of Illinois. Students must be a confirmed Lutheran. The scholarships amounts are $1,500. To apply see Mrs. Harden for the application. The deadline is TBD.
 Buick Achievers Scholarship For seniors planning to attend four-year college or university and major in engineering, technology, design or business with an interest in the automotive industry. Scholarships up to $100,000 available awarded at up to $25,000 a year. To apply visit The deadline is TBD.
 Gilbraitti Scholarship – Must be between the ages of 16-20 attending a college or university
in fall 2013, and complete and application. $500. For more information visit  DUE TBD.
 National Defense Transportation Assoc.- For seniors planning to attend a four-year university. All students can apply but preference will be given to students pursuing careers in Business, Transportation Logistics, and Physical Distribution. The association will award a minimum of two $4,000 scholarships and four $2,500 scholarships. The deadline is TBD.
 Elks Physical & Occupational Therapy Scholarship- For seniors planning to major in physical or occupational therapy. This is a renewable scholarship. Last year the program awarded 130 scholarships between $500 and $5,000. To apply visit or The completed application can be submitted to the Elks Lodge on the following dates after 6:00pm: February 6th or 20th, March 6th or March 8. The deadline is TBD.
 The Society of American Military Engineers- For seniors planning to pursue degrees in engineering, architecture or otherrelated studies. There are multiple $1,000 to $2,000 scholarships available. The deadline is TBD.
 Odenza Marketing Group Spring Award – For seniors with a GPA of 2.5 or higher who answer
an essay question and apply. $500. For more information visit
 Carrington Dental Centre Scholarship –  A senior must answer the questions on the sponsors
website in 10 words or less and be attending college fall 2014. $500.For more information visit  DUE TBD.
 Abbott and Fenner Scholarship-This is an essay contest for JUNIORS and SENIORS. To apply for this scholarship you will need to write an essay on the topic “What have you done outside the
classroom that demonstrates qualities sought after by the post secondary institution that you are
hoping to attend? Also, which of these qualities means the most to you?” The essay should be
between 500 and 1000 words. The award amount is $1,000. For more information and to apply visit The scholarship deadline is TBD.
 BBG Communications 2013 ScholarshipA senior must answer two essay questions and
apply. $1,000. For more information visit
 Big Sun Athletic Scholarship– For senior athletes planning to attend college next year.
The award amount is $500. Visit to apply and for more
information. The deadline is TBD.



Seattle Pacific University CPCS-Mountlake Terrace September 23rd 11:30 am – Room 19
Christian College Fair Life Christian Academy September 29th 6-8 pm (Tacoma)
Christian College Fair King’s High School September 30th 6-8 pm (N. Seattle)
Westmont College CPCS-Mountlake Terrace September 30th 8:00 am – Room 18
Dordt College CPCS-Mountlake Terrace September 30th 11:10 am – Room 19
Arizona Christian University CPCS-Mountlake Terrace September 30th 1:20 pm – Room 19
San Diego Christian College CPCS-Mountlake Terrace October 2nd 8:50 am – Room 19
Grand Canyon University CPCS-Mountlake Terrace October 6th 11:30 am – Room 19
George Fox University CPCS-Mountlake Terrace October 7th 1:50 pm – Room 19
Multnomah University CPCS-Mountlake Terrace October 15th 1:50 pm – Room 19
Trinity Western University CPCS-Mountlake Terrace October 19th 11:30 am – Room 19
Northwest University CPCS-Mountlake Terrace October 27th 11:30 am – Room 19
Azuza Pacific University CPCS-Mountlake Terrace TBD
California Lutheran University CPCS-Mountlake Terrace TBD
Corban University CPCS-Mountlake Terrace TBD
NW Nazarene University CPCS-Mountlake Terrace TBD
Pacific Lutheran University CPCS-Mountlake Terrace TBD
Trinity Lutheran College CPCS-Mountlake Terrace TBD
Vanguard University CPCS-Mountlake Terrace TBD
Warner Pacific College CPCS-Mountlake Terrace TBD
Whitworth College CPCS-Mountlake Terrace TBD