High School

The Mountlake Terrace Campus High School is the smaller of the two high schools within the district. Graduating on average 26 students per year, the high school experience is unique compared to other larger schools. Class sizes are naturally smaller, providing more one on one opportunity for individualized instruction. We offer a full buffet of core subjects as well as electives to challenge and stimulate the best and the brightest. With school colors of Green and White, the Lions are a student body all to themselves. From our smaller and very intimate graduation, to the class activities where all are involved, the Mountlake Terrace Campus provides big school programming with a small school feel.

Cedar Park Christian Schools uses Christian curriculum combined with Christian teachers to provide students with a proper biblical worldview in all disciplines. Bible is considered a core class and students are required to take Bible during the course of the school year. However, each class offered has student learning objectives that provide the basis for biblical integration. The Bible is taught and supported in the Science classroom as well as the English classroom. Our high school students experience an ongoing interaction with biblical themes throughout their day as they travel from one class to the next.

Cedar Park Christian Schools utilizes a fully web-based information system that allows parents and students up to the moment grades and grading information. Each student receives a mid-semester grade for evaluation purposes; final examinations are given at the end of each semester and letter grades are distributed. Letter grades are based on a 4.0 scale with a 60% (1.0) as the minimum percentage to earn credit.

Cedar Park Christian Schools are fully accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), the Association of Christian Teachers and Schools (ACTS), and the National Association Accreditation Schools (NAAS) and is approved by the State of Washington. CPCS meets all minimum state and four-year college/university subject requirements. CPCS offers students three distinct diploma types: General Diploma; College Prep Diploma; and College Prep Honors Diploma. Academic guidance is a priority at the Mountlake Terrace Campus, and the principal meets at the beginning of each semester with students to assure that each student is meeting his or her academic goals in preparation for graduation.