Junior High

The Mountlake Terrace Campus houses grades 7-12. The Junior High students make up about a third of the students on campus. The Junior High experience is designed to help prepare students for High School as well as provide them with structure and a potpourri of classroom experiences that challenge them to think beyond themselves. Bible, English, History, Math and Science are the five core subjects with a rotation of electives. Junior
High students are taught by our high school teachers. This allows for an easier transition into high school classes by taking away any ill-conceived concerns or fears that may come from a teacher’s reputation amongst the students.

The Junior High is separate of the High School during instruction time. Rarely, other than in math, will high school students attend the same classes as junior high students. The faculty and staff work hard to give the junior high an identity of their own. From separate chapel times to the benefits of having lunch on their own, the junior high student feels empowered and attached to the school.

Junior High students may participate in a variety of school sponsored activities, all designed to promote fellowship and fun. The average JH student participates in athletics for at least one season. Drama presentations, Band and Choir concerts, Spelling Bees, Math Olympics and ASB all provide the students with a chance to showcase the abilities
and gifts that God has bestowed upon them.

The ASB helps organize many of the events each year. Participation in the JH ASB is easy and encouraged. Voting takes place near the beginning of the year. This allows new students an opportunity to participate in all elected positions. Class T-shirts and sweatshirts as well as class parties provide the JH student with a sense of belonging and purpose.