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As we continue down this path of Home Supported Learning in the Spring of 2020, know that our teachers, support staff, and administrators are walking beside you. At this time all offices are open from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Some faculty are on site and some are working remotely. Each day is full of new learning for all of us as we adapt to what is and is not working and as we recognize where additional support is needed or expectations adjusted. We are all trusting the Lord in and through all things.  

Below are some links and information:

  • Google Classroom Setup Guide (PowerPoint slides here)
  • Tech Support/Troubleshooting: Facebook message CPC Booster here
  • Student needing assistance with their email address, please contact Mr. Ed Olson via email here 
  • Directions for setting up a separate FACTS account for your child (this will enable them to get emails to their own email address and to check FACTS for themselves w/o accessing your parent account); works from computer or phone. Note: if you've attempted to create a FACTS account and need assistance or have a password issue, email
    •   (District Code is CP-WA)
    • After logging in, go to the School section
    • Web Forms
    • Family Demographic
    • Enrolled Students
    • Select Student & Student Demographic form
    • Edit/Add email address  (NOTE - THE .STU@CEDARPARK.ORG EMAIL ADDRESS WILL NOT WORK FOR STUDENTS IN FACTS, as it only functions within the Google Educational Suites)

For any further questions please call your campus:

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