Cedar Park Christian School offers STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) curriculum to all students.

Along with daily Science, Math and Computer lessons, students participate in hands-on, age appropriate STEM activities throughout the year. Students join together with fellow students from other classes, working in collaborative learning groups to accomplish various tasks that will encourage innovation, invention and creativity.  For example, while learning about load, stress and aesthetics, older students may be challenged with building a bridge that will span 12” and hold 20 pounds.  Younger students may be challenged with creating a parachute for a gummy bear, something that will descend slowly and provide a soft landing. Upon completion of activities, students will learn to evaluate their results and present their findings.

In addition to weekly classroom activities, students and families can look forward to several Family STEM Nights each year. These events are geared for the whole family and are designed to highlight various science, technology, engineering and math processes. It’s exciting to see the excitement these events create and to watch the enthusiasm carry over into the classroom.

In January each year, students participate in our STEM Science Fair. Using the scientific method, students conduct experiments, log findings, observe results, and write conclusions. Each student presents their project before their peers and are judged on the organization of their display board, the quality of their printed report, the creativity of their experiment, and the excellence of their oral presentation.

As our nation has seen increased growth in STEM-related jobs over the last 10 years, it is our hope and prayer that a solid STEM education will help our students succeed as they grow older and prepare for careers in a STEM-driven economy. Teachers are happy to have this opportunity to help make science, technology, engineering and math exciting and interesting for students.

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