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"For Christ and His Kingdom" - Those are the words that greet you as you pass through the main doors at District Headquarters at CPCS Bothell. Every class and activity that takes place within the walls of this building endeavors to prepare our students to live for Christ outside of it. While the Christian worldview is integrated into all of our curriculums, students also take a rotation of Bible classes each year to deepen their knowledge of, and faith in, Christ. The focus of these classes include the life of Christ, surveys the Old and New Testament, apologetics, and church history. Each Bible class also incorporates the components of Bible memorization and community service. We complement our Bible curriculum with additional opportunities for students to grow spiritually through weekly chapel services as well as mentor groups and missions trips throughout the year. Perhaps even more encouraging than these formal areas for growth that we foster is the reality that students often initiate peer accountability groups and Bible studies. Walk into any classroom during lunch or after school and you will likely find students using that time to discuss God’s word or to pray with each other and with teachers. This is the type of setting that can only be found in a decidedly Christian community, and that is what we are.

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Spiritual Life

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