CPC Football Wins Off the Field

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Last night all the senior players, along with Coach Benzel and myself (and Mr. Winter who drove us), had dinner at the local fire station with 10 fire fighters and their Chief.

I have done this tradition with the seniors on my football teams since the year after 9/11 happened.  It has become a staple event that the seniors genuinely look forward to.  Obviously this was the first time I had done it with this CPC seniors.

Last night you would have been so proud of them.  They (our players) were First Class the entire event.  Our Cornerstones (Captains) presented the firefighters with a card and game ball signed by all the players.  They also did a tremendous job speaking about how special it was to them to honor the entire fire department and the true heroes that they are.  We then Prayed over them and had a home cooked meal that had been prepared by our Gridiron Moms (thank you GI Moms).

 CPC Football Wins Off the Field

We spent over an hour there and then took some great shots with the firefighters near the ladder truck (another tradition)…fun to watch HS seniors feel like 5 year old kids again!

The Fire Chief said, “we have never had anyone do something like this for us before.  This is wonderful and your players are so respectful!

When we talk about ‘winning’ off the field…this is what we mean.  Last night was a Victory for our entire football team and school, and the fire department as well.

 CPC Football Wins Off the Field

CPC Takes Player Safety to Next Level

As more and more is discovered about brain function and brain injury, the issue of player safety for all sports is on the minds of parents and administrators alike at Cedar Park Christian School. With the financial backing of committed CPCS parents and boosters, the school has addressed the issue of safety for football players by implementing two cutting-edge pieces of equipment. Both the High School and Junior Football programs have begun using Guardian Caps during every practice and the High School Program is involved in a Beta Test of the i1 Biometrics ‘Impact Intelligence System’ (IIS).

Guardian Caps are a soft shell protection wrap that attach to the outside of the football helmet. Statistical evidence seems to suggest that 65% of concussions occur during practices so this implementation of the Guardian Cap protection is strategic and should benefit players in a practical way. The ‘IIS’ system includes a mouth guard with an embedded computer chip worn by 10 CPC Eagle High School players this Fall. The chips send information to a laptop located and monitored on the sideline during practices and games. Impact levels are tracked by the sideline monitor. If the level of impact for a particular player registers above a certain level it is an indication to the coaching staff that normal and proper protocol should be followed to gauge whether a player may have sustained a concussion. The ‘IIS’ system doesn’t diagnose concussions but it is an additional tool at the disposal of coaches and sideline personnel to alert them to a significant impact.

Cedar Park Christian School is proud to pioneer these safety measures in our region of the country. Children are a gift from God and we are doing all we can to protect and provide safety for each child’s whole experience at CPCS.

King 5 Sports visited the team during practice recently and produced the following report: http://www.king5.com/media/cinematic/video/14392956/guardian-caps-prevent-concussions/

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