A characteristic of a good education is exposure and opportunities in the areas of fine and performing arts. God is the author of this creativity and students at CPCS are encouraged to utilize their artistic expression.


We believe that because fine arts are a God-given expression of praise and worship, students should learn to appreciate all types of art within the parameters of what brings honor to the Lord. (Psalm 98:4)

Psalm 98:4 “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all the earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise.”

In elementary music, various methods of instruction such as vocal, instrumental, and rhythmic are implemented. Along with the fundamentals of music, students learn the importance of individual and corporate praise, artistic performance, and excellence in accuracy and quality. These come to fruition twice a year with concert performances for all grade levels.


Art students learn the elements of art, the principles of design, the fundamentals of drawing, painting, collage-making, and other visual art mediums. Through their years at CPCS, they will learn about the history of visual art and the role of Christians in the visual arts community.


Fine Arts

The Cedar Park Christian Art Program provides the opportunity for students to develop artistic knowledge and skills that enable them to be lifelong learners who can contribute to society visually, verbally, and in writing. Through the study of art, students will develop creative and critical thinking skills that will help them be effective problem-solvers both in and outside of school. Art students will develop skills that can be used to express their own ideas and to interpret images in our visually-oriented culture.

The art program provides the art student with an exploration of the elements of visual art by gaining fundamental skills and basic techniques in various media: drawing, painting, and multimedia. Students will explore, learn and discuss the Principles & Elements of Art, color and composition theory. Students will create original artworks in different art styles. Inspired by observation and imagination, they will express themselves through the themes of still life, landscape, and portrait. They will learn about and use drawing, painting techniques to create artworks.

The art program assists students in developing knowledge of the artistic heritage of their own and other cultures. It encourages them to understand and value both personal identity and the diversity found in God’s Creation


The Cedar Park Christian Drama Department seeks to teach students to search for, perform, analyze, and lead others in the theme of redemption experienced in life and displayed in literature. Because this theme is the basic storyline of Scripture and the anchor point for a Christian worldview, our curriculum centers on understanding basic plot structure* and performance through individual and group performing arts activities. ** Students can feel confident that these activities allow them to become more comfortable on any “stage” their story might put them on in life. Students who advance in our program will often elect to pursue deeper analysis of the technical elements of theater and positions of leadership in directing their peers. Each semester culminates in final in-class, one-act performances***.

* balance, upsetting action, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution
** e.g., pantomime, vocal, internal, and external acting
*** performed for their families and peers

Music Department

The mission of the Cedar Park Christian School Music Department is to encourage a lasting love for Jesus, music and the arts, motivate and educate students through the art of performing, and cultivate leadership and lifelong skills.

Students will receive a quality musical experience, be provided with performance opportunities, develop expressive and correct technique and terminology, develop sight-reading skills and knowledge of music theory and score reading, develop a heart for worship through singing and playing, and be provided an emotionally safe, supportive and trusting learning environment. We celebrate the beauty, awe and creativity of our Heavenly Father and aim to point all glory to Him.

Instrumental Classes Offered:

  • 6th Grade Band
  • Middle School Band (7th/8th gr.)
  • Concert Band (HS)(MS by Audition)
  • Jazz Band (MS/HS) (Audition 7-12)
  • Orchestra

Choral Classes Offered:

  • Genesis Choir (7th gr.)
  • Adoration Choir (8th gr.)
  • Selah Choir (Women 9-12 gr.)
  • Veritas Choir (Mixed 9-12 gr.)
  • Revelation (Audition 9-12 gr.)

Foreign Arts

Our Cedar Park Christian Foreign Language department believes that an understanding of the richness and power of multiple languages will enable students to embrace their Christian responsibility to be God honoring speakers, worshippers, writers and disciples of truth. Our curriculum focuses on establishing vocabulary, grammar structure, writing and comprehending language and cultures in a biblical worldview. Coursework for each year includes the fundamentals of reading comprehension, vocabulary building, composition and culture.