6th-8th Grade Academics

While we maintain the importance of a Christian worldview, all curriculum at Cedar Park Christian Schools meets the very best educational standards and best practices which are taught in a manner that prepares students for future academic challenges.

The Middle School curriculum is designed to build a strong academic foundation that will lead to high school success. We emphasize the core subject areas of mathematics, science, English, history, and Bible. Students explore both fine and performing arts such as: dramatic, vocal, instrumental, and visual arts.

Our curricular program also includes quarterly electives that are designed to expose students to a variety of career-based and life-skills courses.


The Bible is the revealed Word of God, His message to man. Through Bible classes, the student is taught to read and study the Scriptures for himself. The student is also challenged to make a wholehearted commitment to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

The Bible classes are designed to give the student a working knowledge of the entire Bible and help him develop a Christian worldview. The student comes to understand the major Bible doctrines and learns to express them clearly with Biblical support. Each student is guided in thinking through why they believe what they do and gains experience in articulating the reasons for his or her faith. They are also encouraged to share their faith with others.

6th Grade: The Big Picture of Christianity

  • Taking the Bible-story driven content from elementary and laying foundational and conceptual groundwork
  • Studying the book of Acts and witnessing what it looks like to be the church, the people of God

7th Grade: The Big Picture of the Bible

  • Quarters 1-3 of the academic year is spent learning about the Old Testament and seeing how it points to Jesus
  • 4th quarter examines the life of Christ in the gospels and how he fulfills the OT promises

8th Grade: Christianity in Practice

  • Apologetics focus in defending biblical truth in contrast to secular culture and what it means to live this out
  • Studying the NT Letters


The Cedar Park Christian English department believes that an understanding of the beauty and power of language will enable our students to embrace their Christian responsibility to be speakers and writers of truth. Our curriculum focuses on establishing cultural literacy, enhancing critical thinking, and developing a Christian theistic worldview. Students explore all genres of literature, preparing the students to meet the rigors of future academic work. Coursework for each year includes the fundamentals of reading comprehension, vocabulary building, and composition.


Through the study of Mathematics, more of the character of God is revealed: His orderliness through the study of algebra and geometry; His immutability (unchanging nature) through computing and solving equations; and His omniscience (all-knowing nature), through studying differential calculus and the structure of the complex number system.


The science department at Cedar Park Christian School strives to teach and show the glory of God in all of the created order. Through their studies in our science courses students will learn about the ways that God holds all things together (Col. 1:16-17) and in doing so our hope is that their faith would be strengthened and their praise of Him would increase (Ps. 139:14). We also strive to equip students for success in future science endeavors so they can faithfully fulfill the Creation Mandate as they take care of God’s creation (Gen. 1:28) and so they are able to better defend their faith (2 Cor. 10:5).



Students begin to understand the history of the world, its people, and examine the collective past and how it interacts with the ever changing present. Through a Biblical lens, students explore patterns of human and environmental interaction through history, geography, political science, economics, and current events, fostering an awareness of the interconnectedness of these disciplines. History courses are structured in a way that will promote collaboration, problem-solving and critical thinking skills while wrestling with the major issues of our time in hopes that students will continue to develop a greater desire to impact our world for Christ.

Health and Fitness

Physical education is the study of the total person: spiritual, mental, emotional, and social, as well as physical.

Through the study of physical education, the student has an increased awareness of how the body functions and develops. The student learns how to deal with stress through individual and team competition. Exposure to many sports enables the student to select those activities that will later enhance his life.


Our occupational classes are designed to provide opportunities for students to acquire understanding and skills in the practical, real life areas of daily living. Through these courses, the student gains an appreciation for creativity and develops a sense of accomplishment through the step-by-step completion of a project.

Our fine and performing art classes provide the opportunity for students to develop artistic knowledge and skills that encourage a lasting love for Jesus, music and the arts. Our hope is to motivate and educate students through the art of performing, and cultivate leadership and lifelong skills. With our school focus on the Gospel transforming lives, we prepare students to offer their artistic gifts to lead people to redemption and hope found in Jesus.