12th Grade Memories

Class of 2023

At Cedar Park Christian School, we offer a solid Christian philosophy of education which prepares students for future academic challenges while upholding the importance of honoring Christ.

Our 12th grade students are honored at the end of the school year with a number of events and experiences they will never forget.

Here are some of the favorite memories of our CPCS class of 2023 seniors in this video.

Senior Experiences

Senior Dinner: A special evening meant to honor our new senior class. During this sit down, formal event, parents speak a word of encouragement, prayer or blessing over their child as we usher them into their senior year.

Senior Blessings: A different group of parents volunteer each month to bring a small blessing to our senior students during the school day. Be it notes of encouragement, a dessert or a lunch, the seniors are treated to a blessing of encouragement for all the hard work they’ve put in over the last 12 years.

Senior Sneak: A parent sponsored and led event. The Senior Sneak takes place when the rest of the student body is completing mandatory statewide testing. Parents plan a day for the seniors to spend together, off campus. Engaging in fun, group events, lunch and memory making opportunities.

Senior Tea: A final senior celebration before graduation, the Tea is meant to honor the student and their mother/parent. Through brunch, seniors speak a word of appreciation to their mother/parent, as they prepare to move out of student life and into adulthood.