12th Grade Experiences

Senior Dinner: A special evening meant to honor our new senior class. During this sit down, formal event, parents speak a word of encouragement, prayer or blessing over their child as we usher them into their senior year.

Senior Blessings: A different group of parents volunteer each month to bring a small blessing to our senior students during the school day. Be it notes of encouragement, a dessert or a lunch, the seniors are treated to a blessing of encouragement for all the hard work they’ve put in over the last 12 years.

Senior Sneak: A parent sponsored and led event. The Senior Sneak takes place when the rest of the student body is completing mandatory statewide testing. Parents plan a day for the seniors to spend together, off campus. Engaging in fun, group events, lunch and memory making opportunities.

Senior Tea: A final senior celebration before graduation, the Tea is meant to honor the student and their mother/parent. Through brunch, seniors speak a word of appreciation to their mother/parent, as they prepare to move out of student life and into adulthood.