High Schools

Bothell (9th – 12th), Mountlake Terrace (9th – 12th)

Cedar Park Christian School provides high school students with opportunities to grow and mature in their walk with the Lord, in academics, athletics, relationships and leadership.  Our students are given room to ask questions and solve problems.  At the same time they are guided and trained to think using a Christian worldview.  Students are given practical instruction and insight on how to impact the world both now and after graduation.  The high school offers a strong core curriculum, which exceeds the requirements of the Washington State Department of Education for high school graduation.  Cedar Park Christian School provides high academic standards in a spiritual environment.

Cedar Park students consistently score one and one-half grade levels above the state and national averages.When senior high students leave Cedar Park Christian School and go on to college, the military, the mission field or into the work force, they are prepared for the challenges that they will face.

Middle Schools

 Bellevue (6th), Bothell (6th – 8th), Mill Creek (6th – 8th),
Mountlake Terrace (7th – 8th)

Middle School serves as a transition from elementary to high school. The junior high years are crucial in the development of independent and well-adjusted young adults. Cedar Park Christian School is dedicated to the intellectual, spiritual, emotional, personal and relational development of its middle school students.  Middle school students at Cedar Park Christian School are trained and nurtured in a Christian environment that prepares them for high school and beyond.

Students are challenged to do their best in academics. Study and organizational skills are mastered during the middle school years to prepare students for the demands of high school and college. Teachers pay special attention to involve students in problem solving strategies regarding social skills, spiritual growth and behavior to enhance their learning experience. Students are able to participate in a student government association focused on servant leadership training as well as other popular programs such as choir, band and athletics.  Cedar Park Christian School will challenge your middle school student to develop their commitment to Christ and strive for excellence in every area of their lives.

Saxon Math curriculum is used in grades 6 – 12.  This traditional and proven instructional method uses an incremental, building-block approach.  Bob Jones Press Christian curriculum is used in content areas such as History, Science, Spanish, Grammar, Speech and Middle School Bible.

Elementary Schools

Bellevue (K-6), Bothell (K-5), Mill Creek (K-5), Lynnwood (K-6)

Each Cedar Park Christian Elementary School provides a superior academic education in a loving, Christian atmosphere. Cedar Park Christian Schools work with families to produce academically strong students who possess a firm faith in the Lord and a love for others.

Specialists in computers, music and physical education enhance the overall academic program. Teachers use Christian curriculum consisting of Bible, math, language arts, phonics and reading development, spelling, science and social studies.

Bob Jones Press curriculum is used in the content areas of Social Studies, Math, and Bible in grades K – 5 and in Language Arts (reading, spelling, writing, grammar, handwriting) in grades 3 – 5.  ABeka’s phonics-based reading program is used in grades K – 2, and it’s Math curriculum is used in grades K-5.

Preschools and Pre-Kindergartens

Bellevue, Bothell, Mill Creek, Lynnwood

Cedar Park Christian Preschools provide a place for children to learn, grow, explore, and build a solid foundation for the coming school years.   Each class uses the ABeka curriculum, which has a strong biblical focus.  In addition to academics, preschoolers are encouraged to explore ideas and learn by using their natural senses, learning centers, and activity tables.  Enrichment opportunities in music, art, movement, and field trips are also provided.