"Transforming the Mind as well as the Soul"

It is the mission of the Christian school to help the Church educate youth in such a manner as to help them perceive the world around them from a Christian worldview, and to evaluate right and wrong, and good and evil, based on the teachings of Scripture. In order for this to occur, there must first be a sincere transformation of the heart to Christ, followed by a transformation of the mind to that of a Christian worldview.

At Cedar Park Christian Schools, we believe that the basis of all teaching is God and His Word. Our desire is that each student would accept Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. A goal of our mission is to nurture and train children so that they will grow in godliness of character and action. As an integral ministry of Cedar Park Assembly of God, Cedar Park Christian Schools are governed by and adhere to the constitution and bylaws of Cedar Park Assembly of God. This also means that Cedar Park Christian Schools are affiliated with the Assembly of God denomination. 

CPCS addresses educational practices from a Christian perspective by offering its students the opportunity to understand themselves and the world around them from a Christian worldview. Some of this education will be formal (Chapel, Bible classes and studies, counseling) and some will occur as the faculty and students interact in the normal flow of school activity. The goal is to facilitate the development of the child spiritually, academically, physically, socially and emotionally. The School employs administration, faculty, and staff who serve as role models in their Christian walks, and who are maturing both professionally and in their Christian faith.

A fundamental element of the vision and success of Cedar Park Christian Schools has always been the realization that expansion, facilities, and growth come only as a result of keeping “first things first.”  Cedar Park Christian’s facilities are only now catching up to our growth. For years the facilities were lacking, but our students excelled. Many rationalize as to how this can occur without the same financial and facility resources other schools have available, yet Cedar Park staff members realize that education is more than buildings and resources. It really comes down to “CHANGED LIVES, CHANGING OTHER LIVES.”  It is one life influencing another life toward excellence and righteousness. The inherent strength of Cedar Park Christian’s ministry lies in the relationships of our teachers and staff interacting with students and families. It is the understanding and dedication of teachers to teach from a Christian perspective, and their willingness to go beyond normal expectations that elevates the quality of education.

Cedar Park Christian understands that education, culture, and life must include faith at all levels. Most Americans agree that Christian culture is in jeopardy, but do not comprehend why. While there are activists devoted to determining that this “values war” outcome is a secular society, most Americans remain ambivalent. As a result, much of America now considers someone narrow-minded and illogical if they profess there is only one way to “Truth.”  Increasingly, society views Christianity and its corresponding principles as one of many value systems available to people. Christianity is portrayed as non-essential and often viewed with a considerable degree of skepticism and cynicism. Christians who have the courage to express divergent perspectives on politically-correct issues are quickly labeled as religious extremists and intolerant bigots, while other Christians seem coerced into silent opposition.

The distressing part about this cultural transition is that many Christians are ambivalent or perhaps even supportive of many of these false philosophies and ideas because they often do not understand the Scriptural foundations for many issues. In essence, there continues to be a transformation taking place among several generations of Christians. While sincerely professing Christ as Savior, some are in conflict with the basic values and philosophies of the Bible because they have been indoctrinated throughout their lives to think from only a secular perspective.

In order for culture to be influenced by Christian values and morals, there must first be a transformation in the heart to Christ, and then a transformation in the mind to a Christian worldview. 

Philosophy and Goals

It is our belief that children are a gift from God to be nurtured and trained that they may grow strong in character, wisdom, and knowledge.

By placing God at the center of our hearts, environment, and curriculum, we desire:
To share the love of Jesus;
To model and instruct in Christian character, values, and principles;
To communicate an "I care" message while creating a loving atmosphere for significant adult/child relationships and bonds to form;
To facilitate the development of skills necessary to learn independence, self-control, and acceptable socialization patterns;
To provide experiences rich in creativity, exploration, and expression;
To provide an environment that will challenge and excite young minds;
To faithfully teach a basic and fundamental educational program in a consistent manner;
To cooperate with parents in the responsibility to train up a child in the way he should go.

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