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"I am so glad my wife and I picked the path of Christian Schools in educating our children so many years ago.  This year our Senior will graduate having spent all of her elementary, middle and high-school education in Christian Schools.  I am glad that she and our older 2 children have this as a foundation for their lives and eternity."

CPCS parent

"I have had the privilege of being a part of the choir department as a parent since 2013. Watching the students perform this song at the 2016 Heritage Festival was truly one of the best moments of my life. I was asked to turn the pages for the pianist, so I experienced being on the stage surrounded by the students and their beautiful voices. I watched them not only perform skillfully, but sing to our savior from a deep place of genuine worship. They weren’t just singing words, or showing off their abilities, they were giving glory to Jesus through their love for him. The words of this song so perfectly capture Jesus’ sacrifice for us and all the benefits we enjoy because of his goodness. He ‘bled for Adam’s helpless race’ and now we are ‘alive in him, our living head, and clothed in righteousness divine’. Amazing love, how can it be?"

Lisa LaMarche, CPC Parent

"To the Cedar Park Christian School community, Please accept this contribution to the scholarship fund for CPCS. Two of our children were able to attend Cedar Park, and it was partly thanks to some financial aid. We are grateful for the quality of the education they received, and particularly for the way that their education helped them see how God’s hand can be seen in every field of study, in every aspect of life. Choosing to send them to CPCS was an excellent and wise investment in their future. We have recently found ourselves in the position to offer the same help to other families who want this kind of education for their kids, but cannot manage it financially. We want to bless them the way others’ generosity blessed us. It is with gratitude to the Lord and to CPCS that we donate $10,000 to the scholarship fund."

CPCS Alumni Parent

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