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Operation Christmas Child

Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ Throughout the World

Operation Christimas Child is a wonderful ministry that helps spread the good news of Jesus Christ to children throughout the world. We donate shoeboxes filled with toys, school supplies, and toiletries/hygiene items to children in over 100 countries and the distributors also share the good news of Jesus Christ with the children as they get their boxes. Many of these children have never before received a present or heard the true meaning of Christmas until they receive a gift-filled shoebox. This ministry blesses not only the receiver but the giver. It gives us the opportunity to serve God in a tangible way by participating in international missions and spreading the Good News. Do you want to get involved this year? Sign up to pack a shoebox by clicking the button below. Note: don't worry about the "number attending" since this is just a drop-off event. 

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CPC Bothell Participation - Christmas 2021

This year at Cedar Park Christian School (Bothell Campus) we will be collecting Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes! We have one parent at CPC Bothell that actually received a shoebox as a child through OCC. How amazing is that!

Due to COVID we will not be having a packing night - instead this year we are going to have parents sign up online (view the sign-up form here) to pack shoeboxes at home with their families. The school will be purchasing the green and red OCC shoeboxes in advance. When our parents sign up online they will note how many boxes they are able to fill and we will be distributing the boxes to the students every Friday throughout the end of October and November to bring home and pack. When parents and students go shopping to buy items to fill up their shoeboxes we encourage parents to bring their students with them and have them actively participate.

For more information please contact the coordinator, Melinda Thome, via email.

Important info:

  • Shoebox Collection Date: Friday, November 19th
  • Drop-off Time: 7am-8:45am
  • Location: CPC Bothell (Exact details TBD) 


Q: How do I get involved this year with Operation Christmas Child?
A: Sign up online here to pack shoeboxes at home with your family! Note: don't worry about the "number attending" since this is just a drop-off event. 

Q: What will the school provide me with?
A: After you sign up, your child will receive the shoeboxes you signed up for at school to bring home with them. Then you will purchase the items to put in the boxes. The box will also have the labels to put on them (choose boy/girl, age).

Q: What about the $9 shipping cost for each box?
A: We are hoping to raise the money to ship the boxes. A link will be provided soon to donate $9 towards your box which will be sent with the boxes to the national distribution center. You can also write a check for $9 made payable to CPC and give to the shoebox volunteers on November 19th as you deliver your box. We will make one large check payment for the shipping after we receive all donations.

Q: When do I bring the packed shoeboxes to the school?
A: Drop off your shoeboxes on Friday, November 19th between 7-8:45am at CPC Bothell. Location TBD.

Q: What countries do our shoeboxes go to?
A: We don't find out until January, but in the past our boxes have gone to impoverished areas in China, India, Romania, and Russia.

Q: How can I find out more about Operation Christmas Child? 
A: Please view the OCC website here or check them out on Facebook.

Q: What if I want to pack a shoebox but I don't have the time?
A: If you want to pack a shoebox but don't have time please sign up for a shoebox and donate $25 for each box via the CPC Donation Page which coming soon. Then coordinate with Melinda via email about your donation - we will pack your shoebox for you and send with the other boxes on Nov. 19th.

Q: What kind of things do I pack in the shoeboxes?
A: There are 3 categories of items to pack: 1) Toiletries/hygiene items, 2) Toys, and 3) School Supplies. Please view the official OCC Shoebox Gift Suggestions list here. Try to purchase a "Wow" item for each of your boxes! (A flattened soccer ball with pump, a doll, Lego brand, shoes/clothes, etc.) Also make sure and pack a hand-written note to your child! This is very special and something they treasure for years. 

Q: Is there anything I shouldn't pack in my box?
A: Yes - there are prohibited items including: 1) liquids, 2) candy, 3) toothpaste, 4) war toys like army men, 5) gun toys.

Q: Where do I shop for items for my shoeboxes?
A: The Dollar Tree! Over the years we've found you can get the most for your money at a dollar store. There is a Dollar Tree in Woodinville and another in Monroe. They have all the items you need including soap/washcloths, school supplies, toothbrushes, toys, etc. Other parents have found items at Walmart and Amazon as well.

Q: What ages of children are least likely to receive a shoebox?
A: Most people pack shoeboxes for toddlers and elementary aged children, and the older kids get left out a lot. We highly encourage you to consider packing a box for a child ages 10-14 and if you can include tools and gloves for boys, or sewing supplies for girls.

Q: How many boxes should I sign up for on behalf of my family?
A: As many as you want! A good starting point is one box for each child in your family. More is always very much appreciated - it's more kids to reach with the gospel!

Q: How do I print a label for the box to specify the gender and age range of the child I packed for?
A: We will include a pamphlet with the box delivered to your child which has the labels on it you can cut out and tape or glue to the top of your box. If you need to print more labels here is the official label you can download and print.

If you have any other questions please contact the coordinator for the school, Melinda Thome, via email.

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