Bothell Campus


Cedar Park Christian Preschool desires to be an extension of the Christian home. We believe that the teaching of children should support parents and the church in a partnership relationship, where children begin to develop a Christian worldview.

Our goal is to provide an active, developmentally appropriate Christian early childhood education by providing hands-on, engaging opportunities with rich, meaningful content.

Through excitement and enthusiasm for learning, we want each child to feel safe and secure as they begin to understand that God created and loves them personally. By encouraging each child to make their own choices as they play and learn, they in turn will begin to understand their world.


With over 400 students, the Bothell elementary campus is the largest in our district. We are located just off of I-405, exit # 22, which allows easy access to our campus. Our standard of academic excellence is balanced with a nurturing Christian environment. Both of these factors are enhanced by a high level of parental involvement. While our overall numbers are large, teacher to student ratios are excellent and our campus has retained a sense of “family”. At our campus parent involvement is not only encouraged, it is a key to our success.

In addition to offering a full spectrum education where P.E., Art, Music, and Computer classes are offered, we also have opportunities for after school enrichment. In cooperation with Cedar Park Church, programs include but are not limited to Chess, Drama, Elementary Sports, Fine Arts, Robotics, Student Services (for students needing to build a stronger academic foundation) teacher tutorials and a web based customized enrichment curriculum. School bus transportation and Extended Care are offered for parents needing before and after school assistance.

A focus on service, honor, and fun are built into our school year through a number of activities. Our student’s offerings to Convoy of Hope and Operation Spirit of Christmas (for military) are areas of valuable community involvement. Our Grandparent’s Day celebration, Skate Nights and many other social events provide opportunities for students to engage with family and friends. Weekly chapel services allow students to worship and grow in the content of their faith.

Middle School

Serving as the main campus, Cedar Park Christian School – Bothell Campus is a premier Christian school that provides a Christ centered education.  Providing education for grades preschool through 12th grade, students receive an education that prepares them to be academically, spiritually, and personally prepared with a Biblical worldview that helps them positively impact our world.  Our Middle School program has specially trained faculty to meet the needs of our 6th-8th grade students, preparing the whole student for their HS years.


Cedar Park Christian School – Bothell MS Campus has highly skilled and trained staff that teach, lead, guide, and direct students to reach and achieve their highest potential.  All staff members are committed and dedicated to the spiritual, emotional, and academic success of every student.  Students are encouraged and expected to give and do their best, allowing God to help them develop the skills and gifts that He has given them.  Personal connections with students are a  priority and class sizes are kept low to allow for support and growth.  Grade level teachers work together to integrate curriculum allowing students to successively progress through their middle school years.  Solid preparation is made for HS.  Core subjects: math, science, language, history and Bible are taught in addition to key electives:  art, computers, leadership, and band.  Chapel services are held every week with topics, concerns, and Biblical truths being addressed on a level that best reaches and helps our MS students grow personally in their faith.   The Legacy curriculum is taught at each grade level helping students to understand God’s purpose for them as young men and women.  Mentor groups and assigned homerooms allow a personal connection for each and every student.


Cedar Park Christian School – Bothell MS Campus offers a plethora of activities for all student interests.  Field trips that supplement learning, extracurricular academics that accentuate learning, social activities that promote physical health and team spirit, and technology and art programs that allow for and encourage creativity are offered.  Tutorials are offered weekly by all teachers either before, during, or after school to increase student learning and understanding .  The teachers, staff, parents, and students serving on Leadership/ASB work hard to plan and host events that allow the MS to come together as one. These events include and are not limited to: MS Back to School Bash, movie/pizza parties, Middle School Mania, raising money for Royal Family Kids Camp (RFKC), and helping with church youth activities like the annual Easter Egg Hunt and the RFKC Christmas Party.   Opportunities to compete against other schools in sports and academics occur year round.  In sports this includes: soccer, volleyball, cross country, football, baseball, track and field, and golf.  Academically this includes the participation in ACSI local, district and national spelling bee and Math Olympics. Opportunities for community service and reaching out to others at school, church, and locally in the community are given, encouraged and expected.

Changed Lives are Changing Lives

At Cedar Park Christian School – Bothell MS Campus the administration, teachers, support staff, and parents work to create unity for the success of the students.  With sound purpose to teach and learn from a Biblical worldview, values that support that Biblical worldview, and a mission that encourages the support of a Biblical worldview, changed lives are changing lives.  Teachers, faculty, staff and parents work towards having the students develop a lifelong personal relationship with Jesus Christ as they are academically, socially, and spiritually prepared and equipped  for their HS years.

High School

Academic standards are high and students receive help and encouragement to give their best as a way of honoring God and their families.  Teachers care for their students’ character and spiritual development as well as their academic success.   Students are trained to see life through a Christian world view.  We offer core academics in Bible, English, math, history, and the sciences as well as many electives in foreign languages, leadership, fine arts, physical education, and vocational skills.  Our graduates frequently report that they are much better prepared when they get to college than their fellow students.