What is RaiseRight (formerly Scrip)?
RaiseRight is a simple way to pay for your family’s everyday purchases and earn money back on your tuition. You can use RaiseRight gift cards in place of cash, checks and credit cards at your favorite stores, airlines, hotels, gas stations, restaurants, etc.

How it Works
You purchase RaiseRight gift cards at face value from CPCS finance office or order online via your computer or RaiseRight App and the school orders those cards at a reduced price. The difference becomes an instant rebate for your family to use towards your tuition bill. It’s that easy! The more you use it, the more benefit you will receive. With just a little planning, you can use RaiseRight cards to shop for your monthly budgeting needs and your family can have the benefit of reducing your tuition bill. You can also choose to donate an additional percentage (above the 1% received) to CPCS or to another family to help with their tuition costs.

Check out these Great Features:

  • Physical Gift Cards – These a regular physical gift cards. They are subject to the monthly order deadline dates listed on the RaiseRight Order Forms available in the Finance Office. Physical gift cards can also be ordered through the RaiseRight App and will be delivered to the Finance Office for pick-up monthly. Note: There are also limited quantities of QFC/Fred Meyer/Kroger, Safeway/Albertsons, Target, Starbucks, Panera Bread, Target, AMC and Anthony’s Home Port available for immediate purchase in the Finance Office.
  • E-Cards – These can be purchased online and through the RaiseRight App. They are available for most retailers within minutes of purchasing.
  • Reloads – Some retailers offer Reload on the physical gift cards you purchase through RaiseRight, so no more waiting for the next order deadline.


Bothell Campus: Contact Diana Pitts via email
Lynnwood Campus: Contact Bea Orton via email or call the Lynnwood campus at 425-774-7773.


Q: What is RaiseRight (formerly Scrip)?
A: RaiseRight is purchasing gift cards or certificates that are used just like cash at participating stores, and getting a percentage back.

Q: Does RaiseRight cost me more money?
A: No! If you pay $50, you get RaiseRight worth $50. You pay the same but the school benefits from your planned shopping.

Q: How do I order RaiseRight using a paper order form?
A: If using an order form attach a check (no cash) and deliver to your school office by 3:00 pm by the order due date.  You have the option of having the RaiseRight sent home with your student or you can pick it up in the school office.

Q: How long does it take to get the gift cards?
A: Gift Cards are typically ready for pick up on Thursday or Friday the week following the order date if you used the paper order form. If you order online, some gift cards can be placed in your digital wallet immediately.

Q: So how does this new “Tuition Assistance Program with Scrip” work?
A: Fill out the TAPS form. Purchase RaiseRight Gift Cards. The school records your purchases. Families need to accumulate a minimum of $50 worth of discount percentages (profit) to have tuition credits applied to their tuition statement. Accumulated amounts less than $50 at the end of the RaiseRight fiscal year (February 28, 2023) will be automatically applied to the school Financial Aid fund. Tuition credits will be posted to your April statement.

Q: How do we earn Tuition Credits?
A: Each RaiseRight item has a percentage discount associated with it. The tuition credit received is 100% of the percentage shown next to the item on the order form.

Q: Now I’m confused!
A: For example:

  • Purchase $500 per month of QFC/Fred Meyer Scrip for 6 months ($3,000 total)
  • The QFC/Fred Meyer discount is 4%
  • You accrue 100% of that discount amount (4% of the amount spent) towards Tuition Credit (remember, a minimum of $50 accumulated is necessary to receive credit)
  • In this example, 4% of the $3,000 you spent to purchase Scrip equals $120.00
  • By simply planning ahead and purchasing the $3,000 in QFC/Fred Meyer, you receive $120 Tuition Credit applied directly to your Cedar Park account.

Q: I still have questions, who can I ask?
A: Contact Diana Pitts at the Bothell Campus via email or Bea Orton at the Lynnwood office via email.

Shop on RaiseRight.com


  1. Complete the Agreement Form (TAPS Form). Turn the TAPS form into your campus:
    • Bothell: Email it to Diana Pitts or bring the form to the finance office
    • Lynnwood: Email it to Bea Orton or bring the form to Bea in the main office
  2. Order your gift cards!
    • Paper order: paper orders are due by 9:00 am on the specified monthly order dates which are listed on the Order Forms in the Finance Office. Then your order will be available for pick-up the following Thursday after 3:00pm. All paper orders need to be delivered and picked up at the finance office (Bothell campus) or the main office with Bea Orton (Lynnwood campus).
    • Order online: Go online to raiseright.com/shop or download the RaiseRight app on your phone and sign up to purchase physical cards or e-cards online. Contact the Bothell or Lynnwood campus for the school enrollment code once the TAPS form is completed.