Preschool Pajama Day Teaches about Rest

PrePajama Preschool Pajama Day Teaches about Rest Some of the preschool classes had Pajama Day as part of our creation unit. We wore pajamas as we learned that on day 7 of creation, God rested after all his hard work creating our beautiful world. Mrs. Winter’s class rested and watch a DVD about creation.


Preschool classes visit Woodland Park Zoo


All the preschool classes went to the zoo on Friday, Sept. 26th. We enjoyed seeing all the animals God created on day 6 of creation after we finished our creation unit in class. We looked at some of the large animals such as the elephant and giraffe and were so glad God told Noah to […]

Assembly Line Learning

assembly line (2)

In History, the fifth graders have been discussing Henry Ford and how he revolutionized transportation with the implementation of the assembly line in the creation of his car, the Model T. The assembly line helped produce cars more efficiently and less expensively, making the Model T more accessible to the general public. We decided to put our learning into action by […]

CPC Football Wins Off the Field

9-11 Firefighter dinner Brent and Isaiah

Last night all the senior players, along with Coach Benzel and myself (and Mr. Winter who drove us), had dinner at the local fire station with 10 fire fighters and their Chief. I have done this tradition with the seniors on my football teams since the year after 9/11 happened.  It has become a staple […]