Community Connections Episode 2

In this edition of Community Connections, Bothell Campus Administrator Garron Smith talks with Marni Drechsel. Marni is responsible for Student Services, the high school library, and Samantha and Trey Drechsel.

Marni shares the challenges that parents of outstanding athletes face as well as the decisions that her family have made in order to keep Christ first.


Junior Class of 2016 Braves “Storm of the Globe” to Bond!

IMG 0350 1024x768 Junior Class of 2016 Braves “Storm of the Globe” to Bond!


A few weekends ago, more than twenty Cedar Park juniors braved the weather to meet at Bob’s Corn Maze for their annual autumn bonding event. Little did they know they’d be caught up in a maze …as well as the “Storm of the Globe” as quoted by the weather man on the car radio! Nevertheless, these students-turned-friends had tons of fun exploring the maze in the dark, and survived rain, wind, and puddles that went up to their ankles! Memories were made in the barn as they purchased and snacked on kettle corn, on the hayride down to the maze itself, huddled in the darkness of the maze surrounded by whipping cornstalks, and around the bonfire that marked the half-way point.

Most of us made it out of the winding and windy labyrinth alive…only to face slippery grassy hills and potholes of mud which left a few of our cars trapped. Coming together, students helped each other onto the roads. After we had left, we learned that a tree had fallen and crashed down on the barn, but nothing was damaged and no one was hurt. The price we pay for friendship! Yet, as we all know – friendships made in difficulties are friendships that lasts forever!

Regardless of all the adventures, it was deliciously fun and definitely a memory to take with these friends throughout their journey of growth! All’s well that ends well and God bless Bob’s Corn Maze!”

CPC ranked #1 going into State Tournament


The Cedar Park Christian Volleyball team is ranked #1 in the state heading into the State Tournament this Friday and Saturday at the Sun Dome in Yakima. The Eagles play Seattle Christian Friday morning at 8:00AM. The entire tournament bracket can be found at  

History Museum Adventures


The Cedar Park Christian School fourth graders had a fantastic time on their recent field trip to the Washington State History Museum in Tacoma.  They inspected rocks and minerals, sat in a covered wagon, explored a coal mine, visited a plank house, viewed a movie about the Columbia River, examined Native American baskets and tools, […]

Let there be lights!

Cross from Drone

Cedar Park Christian facilities were again upgraded with the installation of lighting on the turf athletic fields! A short ceremony of celebration took place on Tuesday, October 28th when the ‘switch was flipped’ for the first time. These on site fields are used for team practices as well as Junior Football, Soccer, and Softball games.