Welcome from MS Principal Katie Goldsmith

Cedar Park Christian Middle School – Bothell Campus has a team of veteran and committed teachers who feel called to work with and genuinely care about their middle school students.  We recognize the influence we have to partner with parents in working through the challenges that come with adolescence.

Sixth grade is intentionally designed as a transitional year as teachers work with parents and students as they move from the self-contained environment in elementary to having multiple teachers.

Seventh grade is a year where students gain more independence and explore a variety of learning environments to discover their unique gifts and talents.

Eighth grade students are challenged to meet higher academic standards and are given opportunities for leadership as they prepare to make the transition into high school.

In Middle School we take the next step…

Academically – from knowledge to application (using organizational and study skills to be successful)

Spiritually – from salvation to submission (allowing Jesus to be Lord of your life; striving to be in God’s will)

Socially – from having friends to being a friend (applying Biblical principles to family &  friend relationships)

Emotionally – from inward focused to having a servant’s heart (joy in encouragement and service to others)

Physically – from being a child to demonstrating self-control (representing Christ in your appearance and sportsmanship)

Welcome from HS Principal Garron Smith

At Cedar Park Christian School, we seek to transform hearts and to transform minds in a decidedly Christian community. We utilize Christian curriculum, one of the few Christian schools to do so, and teach all of our classes from a biblical worldview. It is our prayer that our graduates in their post high school experiences will have the ability to discern and think at a high level. Our world is filled with intelligent people without a biblical worldview. Cedar Park Christian School in a distinct manner seeks to graduate young people that are intelligent and love the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior. We further desire to see our graduates integrate Christ in all that they do in life in a manner that is ultimately honoring unto the Lord.

One of our graduates currently in medical school sent us the following letter highlighting their experience at Cedar Park Christian School:

“I had over 40 teachers during my thirteen years, and each of them gave me something that I carry with me to this day. I was obviously taught a bunch of things, and while that is important, what is so much more valuable is learning how to think, reason, and seek out new questions. This is true for both my academic and spiritual growth. Everything the Cedar Park faculty did was to support me to become the best man that I can be

in order to do God’s work and be an example that points right back to Him. This was exemplified in the faculty who are actively engaging in God’s will for their lives. They are some of the ultimate examples of Christ embodied, and I learned more about living a life wholly and pleasing to God from them than I perhaps know… At Cedar Park, the environment is one of love and trust. Love is self-sacrifice for the sake of another, and I cannot think of a single teacher I had who failed to exemplify that. The trust comes in as an expectation of the student’s engagement… I can say that the character of the Cedar Park student body is one that is hard to be rivaled. Being surrounded by a community of encouragement, support, and generosity does as much if not more for one’s academic well-being as any tutor, and Cedar Park has that community. We are all part of the same body, and if one part falters, the rest redirects to support it, be it academically, emotionally, or spiritually… Cedar Park goes beyond mere academic merit to holistic growth. They care if you learn, which you will if you choose, but they care so much more that you become the most capable man or woman that you can be in order to do God’s work and be His example to the world.”

Open Houses: Elementary & Preschool December 3rd & 8th


Cedar Park Elementary and Preschool Prospective Parents: Join us for our next two open houses! Elementary Open House (Kindergarten – 5th grade):  Thursday, December, 3rd,  9am,  Friendship Room  Preschool Preview (3’s – PreK & childcare program):  Tuesday, December 8th, 9:30am, Café Learn about our mission, curriculum, childcare options and take a tour of the campus. For more […]

Eighth Grade Mount St. Helens Retreat


The Cedar Park trip to Mount St. Helens provides our eighth graders with the opportunity to experience Earth Science, Pacific Northwest History and Creationism in a tangible, hands-on way all at the same time. More than just a school trip with learning centers and hikes, this event is also a retreat experience that offers our […]

Honoring Christ


The high school retreat at Cedar Springs saw commitments made, friendships renewed and born, and demonstrated the power of prayer. Campus Pastor Caleb Bryant delivered messages from the Lord that challenged and encouraged our high school students. Our teachers were richly blessed with students laying on of hands and praying for those that serve our […]