Welcome from MS Principal Katie Goldsmith

Cedar Park Christian Middle School – Bothell Campus has a team of veteran and committed teachers who feel called to work with and genuinely care about their middle school students.  We recognize the influence we have to partner with parents in working through the challenges that come with adolescence.

Sixth grade is intentionally designed as a transitional year as teachers work with parents and students as they move from the self-contained environment in elementary to having multiple teachers.

Seventh grade is a year where students gain more independence and explore a variety of learning environments to discover their unique gifts and talents.

Eighth grade students are challenged to meet higher academic standards and are given opportunities for leadership as they prepare to make the transition into high school.

In Middle School we take the next step…

Academically – from knowledge to application (using organizational and study skills to be successful)

Spiritually – from salvation to submission (allowing Jesus to be Lord of your life; striving to be in God’s will)

Socially – from having friends to being a friend (applying Biblical principles to family &  friend relationships)

Emotionally – from inward focused to having a servant’s heart (joy in encouragement and service to others)

Physically – from being a child to demonstrating self-control (representing Christ in your appearance and sportsmanship)

December 2015 Community Connection

This edition of Bothell’s Community Connection features US Navy Midshipman Ben Anderson. Ben is a recent 2014 graduate of Cedar Park and has been enjoying continued success at the US Naval Academy. Ben shares his strategy for staying close to Christ as he pursues his dream of serving in the US Navy.

Eighth Grade Mount St. Helens Retreat


The Cedar Park trip to Mount St. Helens provides our eighth graders with the opportunity to experience Earth Science, Pacific Northwest History and Creationism in a tangible, hands-on way all at the same time. More than just a school trip with learning centers and hikes, this event is also a retreat experience that offers our […]

Honoring Christ


The high school retreat at Cedar Springs saw commitments made, friendships renewed and born, and demonstrated the power of prayer. Campus Pastor Caleb Bryant delivered messages from the Lord that challenged and encouraged our high school students. Our teachers were richly blessed with students laying on of hands and praying for those that serve our […]

Royal Family Kids’ Camp Benefits Bothell Students


  This summer many of our current and alumni CPCS students ministered to foster children who have experienced abuse and neglect at Royal Family Kids’ Camp. Our students served as counselors, staff assistants, photographers, and in behind the scenes roles. They spent five days sharing the love that has transformed their hearts and minds with […]