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Christmas Program

Join Cedar Park Christian Schools, Lynnwood Campus on Dec. 3rd, 7 p.m. at Northlake Christian Church for our annual Christmas Concert. Enjoy selections from both our beginning and advanced bands as well as songs from Kindergarten through second grades. Under the direction of Mr. Curt VanderPoel “The Messiah Has Come” will be presented from grades third through sixth. There will be plenty of celebration reminding us what the Christmas season is all about and what it means to all of us.

First Grade Visits Paine Field Fire Station

What an amazing day learning about fire safety!  First, the students watched a plane land on the runway by the firehouse. Next, they met Captain Mace.  The students had fun as Captain Mace showed them around the fire station.  The first graders were amazed to learn that fire men actually live at the fire station!  They watched as firemen raced to see who could put on all the fire gear the fastest. The winning time was a very impressive 30 seconds!

We are so thankful for our firemen, they work hard every day!


We Honor Our Veterans

Today during chapel. Mrs. Riley shared with the Pre – K students the meaning of Veteran’s Day and why we celebrate it. Later, in the day, some distinguished visitors stopped by and visited with our friends. One of the veterans told us a story about his time in the service. Our friends listened attentively as they observed very closely their coats and medals. The children were able to say “thank you” to our special visitors and were excited to have the opportunity to get a picture with them. This was a great way for our friends to learn to be appreciative of what other people do for them. It was also a great opportunity for them to strengthen their social and listening skills.

Pre-Kindergarten Science Fair

The children in the pre -K unit had a fantastic day of scientific exploration! Mrs. Liljenquist set up stations where the children had the opportunity to explore different science facts and concepts about “colors”. We explored primary colors by mixing two of them together to create a completely different one! They also explored the effect of dish soap on milk and food coloring, the children were astonished when they applied the dish soap and watched the food coloring swim through the milk creating colorful swirls. In addition, we had other stations where children enjoyed learning simple scientific facts by making bubbles, watching cotton balls absorb colored water, sorting and grouping colors and using mini laser pointers on a shiny surface to create a prism. All in all, our friends had a fun time exploring and learning together!


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Christmas Baazar 2015!

CPCS Bazaar Flier

Casually stroll through our 40+ vendors to settle into the Christmas season! We’ll be featuring rustic treasures for the home, gifts to pamper the senses, one-of-a-kind jewelry, specialty foods and drinks. Browse through rows of hand-crafters, unique gifts and stocking stuffers. Get a jump on your Christmas shopping here! November 14, 2015, 9 a.m. to […]

McTeacher’s Night!


Teachers from the Lynnwood Campus poured milk shakes, sold cookies and served hamburgers at its annual McDonald’s McTeacher Night!  A great turnout kept the restaurant busy for an evening of fun, fellowship and french fries providing students, faculty and parents with the opportunity to increase school pride while generating funds for the school.  McTeacher Night […]