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at Cedar Park Christian Schools

New CPC Fairview Location

We are launching a new CPC Fairview location in North Seattle! We will offer Kindergarten classes this coming Fall 2023.

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at Cedar Park Christian Schools

Thriving Students

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In a Decidedly Christian Community
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Families come to Cedar Park Christian Schools for many reasons

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Our Programs

Fostering joyful, loving, creative, and kinesthetic learning in a Christian environment.
Christ-centered learning community, introducing academic strength and building spiritual foundation.
Grounded in biblical truth, preparing academic earnestness and integrity.
Transformative thinking to prepare for college and develop Christ focused leadership.
Individualized K - 12th curriculum and one on one instruction.

Cedar Park Christian Schools is a unique community with multiple campus locations. Each campus is designed and well-equipped to meet the particular educational needs of preschool, elementary, middle and high school students.


Cedar Park Christian Schools is committed to creating opportunities for people to be changed by the Good News of Jesus Christ. Our hope is for students to be bold and uncompromising through upholding absolute truth, igniting academic excellence and growing in a thriving community.

A message from our Superintendent

We believe the subtle but definite difference in Cedar Park Christian Schools from many other schools is not what is said or printed, but is in the actions, conduct, and achievements of staff and students.