At Cedar Park Christian High Schools, we have an opportunity to partner with a couple different universities to offer dual credit, meaning students can earn college credit by attending a high school class. The two universities we work with are Northwest University (in Kirkland) and Northwest Nazarene University (in Nampa, ID).

CPC students can elect to sign up for Concurrent credit in specific classes – see the Concurrent Credit links below for CPC Lynnwood and Bothell High Schools. After completing the form and payment, they can earn concurrent credit by completing the CPCS class. 

Each teacher of a CPCS class has a Master’s degree (or equivalent experience) and has been through a vetting and approval process by the University to become an adjunct professor, making them able to teach a class for college credit.  

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FAQs - Concurrent Credit

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  • What extra work is involved?
    Most classes do not require any extra work. English and Bible often have additional pages added to a research paper, but – for the college credit received – it’s a big payoff for little effort.
  • How much does it cost?
    It varies by class but it overall, a fraction of the cost of a regular 3 or 4 credit class. Please see the “Concurrent Credit Available at Cedar Park” chart to see the fee for each CC class.
  • When do I have to decide?
    At the beginning of the year, you will be given a due date of when the registration paperwork for each class is due – usually in mid- to late-September.
  • How do I sign up for Concurrent Credit?
    You will sign up after school starts. The teacher of the class you will be earning CC in will discuss it with the whole class, and give you a form to sign up with. You will check which classes you are taking on the form, fill out the paperwork, and will be charged via our FACTS payment management system. Recently NU made it even easier by allowing students to sign up online! You can see instructions on how to get started HERE.
  • When do I get the credit?
    The credit will be earned at the end of the year.
  • Does my Concurrent Credit go on my Cedar Park Transcript?
    No it does not. When taking Concurrent Credit, you are earning high school credit and college credit at the same time. Your high school CPC transcript will reflect the high school class and the University will give you the college credit. The college credit will be reflected on a transcript from that university.
  • How do I communicate to colleges that I earned this credit?
    1) You will be asked to reflect this information on your college applications. Please keep track of which classes you are earning concurrent credit in, how many credits, and the college course name of each class.
    2) At the end of your Senior year, you will request your college transcripts to be sent to your future college:

  • Will colleges accept it?
    Almost always. While it is the decision of your future school to accept your Concurrent Credits, most students have no problem and report that all their credits were accepted. Sometimes students need to provide their syllabus from their high school class. Generally speaking, you’ll be bringing in credits (to whatever college you attend) in the same way any college transfer student would.
  • Do I have to go to NU or NNU to get the credit?
    NO, you are earning college credits through NU and/or NNU but that does not have any bearing on where you will attend college in the future. They are simply the school where your concurrent credits come from.
  • As a Concurrent Credit student, what are my responsibilities? 
    1. BE AWARE of whether or not you are doing concurrent credit or not. We often get asked, “can you please tell me which concurrent credit classes I took?” Remember, your concurrent credit is not part of your information in the school system and it is not on your Cedar Park Transcript. 
    2. Sign up in a timely manner: turn in your paperwork and payment on time. 
    3. Keep the High School Syllabus of each class you are doing Concurrent Credit in.
    4. At the end of your Senior year, order your transcripts from NU and/or NNU.